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Mahama did not sack Nunoo Mensah - Stan Dogbe

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2018-09-11 13:01:03
Comment to:

Are you stupid or you have been injected with tramadol? You want evidence? Why don't you tell your corrupt John Ford MAHAMA to come out and deny what Martin Amidu said?

When Martin Amidu made that allegation, Mr Aboa was not dead then, why did he not come out and deny it?

OFUI, who Kankan se atee, w'ate?

There are two others Mr Amidu mentioned as members of the said committee, have they denied it?

You moronic fool, you are useless than a used toilet paper, why don't you go and hug a transformer, you animal and a scion of a donkey and a horse.

I have answered your stupid question or questions already but you are too stupid you couldn't figure it out.

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SARPONG on Sep 11, 2018 13:01