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Comment: Warped thinking

2018-10-14 23:27:48
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Free SHS policy unfair to day students – UCC Pro

What is unfair about shs being free for both categories? If a boss forgives one debtor of GHC 500 and another of GHC 1,000 , should the boss be criticized for being unfair because one received a "bigger" pardon?? This is wrapped thinking. In order to dismiss any accusations of discrimination, it has been made free for all. Don't the rich pay even more taxes?? So what is wrong if their children benefit from their contribution to the national kitty!? The deputy minster advised anyone who could pay the fees of their wards to do so as it would be added to the funding of the policy. Now,how many of our so called rich men and NDC politicians have done so?? Many parents who are not economically sound are those who actually prefer the boarding house as they would not have to concern themselves with transportation and feeding their kids. Boarding house is what would afford the child in my village in the Eastern Region the opportunity to attend PRESEC;it can't be the sole preserve of those in Accra. And now that it has become clear that the policy cannot be shot down, JDM is now targeting vulnerable children in the school to pit them against the very same man without whom many of those children would not even be in school for mosquitoes or bedbugs to bite them. Bedbugs issues have always been in the boarding house. Even in peoples private homes, there are bedbugs. So why would one want to disingenuously suggest that the free shs is what has birthed this situation. Students washing by a stream was also introduced by free shs. We need to be serious in this country.

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Kweku on Oct 14, 2018 23:27