Who killed the judges?: Look yourself in the mirror and stop ‘ranting’ – Baako to Rawlings

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Comment: Rawlings, Tsikatas,Konadu in trouble

Yaw Kudalor
2018-10-14 00:36:24
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Who killed the judges?: Look yourself in the mirro

No way the PNDC members and their chairman Rawlings must be brought to high level tribunal for trial including the families of all dead members of PNDC. If anything all the youth in Ghana should contribute special levy to unearth all the wrongs of Rawlings and Kojo Tsikata . At least we will lodge a complain to Interpol to bring down Amedeka for subsequent trial. Rawlings is a Jitler on earth.

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Yaw Kudalor on Oct 14, 2018 00:36
Rawlings, Tsikatas,Konadu in trouble