Who killed the judges?: Look yourself in the mirror and stop ‘ranting’ – Baako to Rawlings

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Comment: Rev. Opuni- My Response

Osei Asibey- Atl
2018-10-14 03:11:23
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Who killed the judges?: Look yourself in the mirro

Rev. Opuni, I agree with you that the country must go beyond the truth and allow people to be heard and heal wounds. However, the elephant in the room has not been dealt with and until then wounds will never be healed. John Jeremiah Rawlings who was the chairman of the AFRC under whose watch these gruesome murders occurred is still alive and In unremorseful. He subsequently became president of the country and ruled almost twenty years. The 1992 constitution was written under his watch and therefore took advantage of his presidency to insert an indemnity clause in to constitution to protect and insulate him from the atrocities that happened under his watch. If you are advocating for peace, unity and justice in the country, Rev. Opuni, then call for an amendment of the constitution and bring JJ Rawlings to book. Not until he pays for his crimes there’ll be no peace. You know it, I know it and everyone knows it. It’s about time that you guys stop looking for that which is not lost. Stop beating about the bush and deal with the one who was in charge at the time. The bucks stops with him!

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Osei Asibey- Atl on Oct 14, 2018 03:11
Rev. Opuni- My Response