Who killed the judges?: Look yourself in the mirror and stop ‘ranting’ – Baako to Rawlings

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Kojo Opoku-London-UK
2018-10-14 03:25:50
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Who killed the judges?: Look yourself in the mirro

It was Akans who broke Rawlings jail and made him the Leader of their Coup but in the END, Rawlings aligned himself with his EWE CABALS and betrayed the AKANS- Boakye Djan, Mensah Gyimah and many more. You see EWES are ungrateful people who should be told to SECEDE to where they originally came from. I have dealt with EWES both as a child/boy in Ghana and in UK. I find them to be UNGRATEFUL people and very WICKED people. Ewe exact disproportionate revenge on small issues and so every Ghanaian should be careful with these INWARD LOOKING TOGOLESE PEOPLE.

Dr Kwame Nkrumah made the mistake to allow part of the German Togoland to be added to Ghana when the Second World War ended. Togo was a German Colony and the VICTORIOUS ALLIES shared German booty and UK asked Dr Nkrumah if he wanted Togo to be added to Ghana. I am saying this because, Dr Nkrumah then trusted and educated KOTOKA. He promoted KOTOKA to the rank of General and made him is Chief of Staff of Ghana Armed Forces. KOTOKA then betrayed him by TAKING America CIA bribe to change the cause of Ghana destiny. Dr Nkrumah I know regretted helping an EWE. ALL EWES SHOULD SECEDE AND BECOME PART OF TOGO TO JOIN THEIR BROTHERS IN TOGO. LET US UNITE VOLTA REGION AND TOGO. THEY ARE TROUBLE MAKERS AND THE CAUSE OF GHANA INSTABILITY- COUP DETAT UPON COUP DETAT. Ewes ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. YOU INWARD LOOKING BLOOD THIRTY TROKOSI AND ANIMALISTIC TRIBE.

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Kojo Opoku-London-UK on Oct 14, 2018 03:25
Re: Who killed the judges?: Look yourself in the m