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Attorney General saves IGP from being jailed

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Comment: Why Would The Police Itself Be Lawless?

G. K. Berko
2018-10-25 15:32:49
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Attorney General saves IGP from being jailed

Why would the Police itself knowingly break the Law? If it did not know the Property was in dispute, or it did not belong to REDCO, that would have been different. But it is very obvious that had the Police done its due diligence to establish the ownership of the Property, it would not have purchased the Property in the first place. And, if it did its due diligence but purposefully ignored the existing facts on the ownership of the Property, then the Police willfully purchased a stolen Property, and must be harshly legally dealt with for that.

Then, the IGP, of all People, had the effrontery to disobey Court Orders? What kind of Nation has Ghana become?

So, now, if an individual disobeys the Courts, could the Police muster any moral courage to go bring that person in?

It may well be that the IGP was counting on his sheer Official status to wield some Power to ignore the Courts. But what he might have forgotten is that no one or Office in Ghana is above the Law. Not even the President.

That is Constitutional Law 101 for the Police Chief. And, he has by his recalcitrance to the Courts disgraced himself. In fact, he should have been booted off his Post by now, if anything in Ghanaian governance were normal.

We must all learn from this incident that our Democracy has not been fully established yet but we cannot let it slip through our fingers into chaos. Some folks still think they belong to a special clique that can choose which Laws to obey and which not to obey, and get away with it. We should not allow that to happen anymore. And for that, I admire the Judge who was poised to sentence the IGP.

The silence of the President on this matter also speaks volumes and loudly that his so-called incomparable commitment to Democracy is all sham.

He should have disciplined the IGP himself. Or, simply kicked the sucker off his Post.

Neither the Police nor any other Institution in Ghana reserves the right to blatantly trample on the basic rights of the Nation's private Citizens, let alone defy a Court Order.

Shame unto the IGP and the Government!! The Building in contention must be immediately handed over to the Estate of the deceased. No further delay is justified. Not even the application to suspend the sentencing of the IGP qualifies for the suspension of the rights of the Estate.

Meanwhile, REDCO ought to be charged with selling off stolen goods for having sold a property that did not belong to it to the Police. And, it should, additionally, suffer hefty financial penalties for having kept the property from its rightful owners for all these years.

We should not let our Democracy to be treated like a basket case of rotting apples. Neither is Ghana a Banana Republic.

Long Live Ghana!!!

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G. K. Berko on Oct 25, 2018 15:32
Why Would The Police Itself Be Lawless?