Captain Smart bought 14 air conditioners from me on credit - Ken Agyapong

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Comment: Useless argument

2018-11-10 22:31:41
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useless argument

I simply don't get that man Kennedy is he not the one who brought the O Bolt meters? What right does he even have to talk about people? Again did Captain used tax payers money n after the credit didn't Captain pay him. He always talk over board. How did he came up with his money. He should give us a break. How much does he even pay his workers? People in offices r misbehaving n you r there defending them. Common street lights people have to demonstrate before they r switched on n u sit there to justify a CEO spending unnecessary Ghc1m. There is too much nonsense in this country from most of our leaders n elders

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Wasco on Nov 10, 2018 22:31
Useless argument
Kofi on Nov 13, 2018 06:11
Eeeeeiiii on Nov 10, 2018 21:45