Captain Smart bought 14 air conditioners from me on credit - Ken Agyapong

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Comment: Stop the hippocracy

2018-11-11 05:09:24
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Re: Captain Smart bought 14 air conditioners from

Hey jack where are you .. listing no body is defending him .. we are only saying what is right ..I wish I had the figure to back when I’m gonna say but to the issue.. let me ask you will he take the house away when he is leaving office.. this is a state property. Now tell me did you know how much this man has made for Ghana when he became the boss I bet you have no idea ..so keep mute and make your search very well

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Ama on Nov 11, 2018 05:09
Stop the hippocracy
Kofi on Nov 13, 2018 06:11
Eeeeeiiii on Nov 10, 2018 21:45