Captain Smart bought 14 air conditioners from me on credit - Ken Agyapong

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Comment: Silly,Ken,inset drugs in Airconditions

2018-11-12 10:52:02
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Captain Smart bought 14 air conditioners from me o

Ken Agyapong you said Captain Smart bought the Air conditions from you on credit basis, means he did not paid in cash, so from time to time he will settle all, fine this means captain smart did not have money and his salary is weak to pay at once.
Good now how comes you Ken can insult this man that how much is his salary.
Ken Agyapong this time your cup is full up.
You put drugs in your air condition from China to Ghana, i will expose you in the port or the Airport any time your goods arrived.
Okofour Kpadekapde

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Kofi on Nov 13, 2018 06:11
Eeeeeiiii on Nov 10, 2018 21:45
KpadeKpade on Nov 12, 2018 10:52
Silly,Ken,inset drugs in Airconditions