Performance of Ghanaian players abroad

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Comment: Winneba 99 gods

Bill William De-Carthia
2018-11-25 06:31:57
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Performance of Ghanaian players abroad

Afenyo Markin is an enigma. He should
cultivate the habit of listening to himself.
why is Afenyo Markin still cropping his gay
partner Afful Broni and refusing to obey the
order of the Supreme Court to reinstate
Professor Avoke. Sometimes i wonder how
Afenyo Markin ended up in Parliament cos
we have countless Elites here in Effutu yet
we sent this blockheaded moron to
Parliament. Someone who has secretly been
Patron for Sakawa guys in Agona Swedru.
its just sad. Am told by deep insiders around
him his dealings with drug cartels in
Venezuela and a secret money laundering
deals. And the issue about his fight with
French Teacher in Secondary School and
was almost expelled but for the intervention
of his Uncle Dan Markins. Afenyo Markin and his gay partner Lodge Grandmaster Afful Broni have turned the University of Education into a Junior High School. If Afenyo is that powerful as he claims let him try his VC Removal strategy in Kumasi and Otumfour will cut him to size. He can only do this in winneba. If not winneba where else. He can only do this in winneba because the winneba chief is very weak. If he dare try his evil and satanic strategy at KNUST , His Royal Majesty Asantehen will show him where real power lies. You just can't fool in Kumasi. That is why i respect the Asantes and their powerful King. Why won't the other Tribes laugh at us and call we Fantes Comedians when a human Beast who is a bisexual fucking anything in skirt and fucking his driver in his car but because of his drug money ends up in Parliament. Our chief here in Winneba is Half illiterate who hardly understands the complexities of the UEW Crisis fuelled by Venezuelan Drug Baron Alex Kwamina Afenyo Markin. He shit at the beach several times today ends up in Parliament. Afenyo Mad Dog Markin has destroyed the only university in winneba yet the Media is silent. He is using his partners in crime among the Media to cover up his many crimes at the University. We Fantes must rise up and remove this Cursed and rotten egg called Afenyo Markin from our midst to save our image from further deterioration. Only then will Winneba know Peace. Who in Winneba does not know Afenyo Markin Killed Kwayera's sister for Rituals. As for the Journalists in his pocket he is giving them money to tame them. Kwamina Markin you can run but you can't hide. The evil men do leaves after them. Whatever and wherever he turns his attention ends in Chaos. He was recently once again exposed when he was caught putting his Driver's name on the payroll of Ghana Water Company. This same Afenyo Mad Dog Markin was heard on a leaked tape planted in his bedroom by one of his numerous concubines boastfully saying he took billions of cedis bribe from ADB to kill their case in the Supreme Court. If Ghana were a serious country by now Ghana Bar Association would have taken drastic action against and revoke his questionable license. At least for now we know he buys Judges to win cases as he was heard on the tape boasting to his concubines. If Ghana were a serious country by now Cancerous Afenyo Markin will be in jail for taking Ghc 30 million loan and assisting in the collapse of banks in the country. If Parliament were not a Shit hole how come a Shit hole Afenyo Mad Dog Markin ends up there. He keeps buying and bribing everybody to keep his stay in power. He will chase his opponents down and Assassinate, Maim and use them for rituals as happened in the case of Kwayera's sister. He betrayed Kwayera by contracting his Death Squads to kill his sister at Roman School. Few days later her missing body parts were found in Afenyo Mad Dog Car Boot. May Kwayera's sister's Ghost continue haunting him as he recently told someone he can't sleep over the murdered woman. Your hands are soaked in Blood uncircumcised Mad Dog Brainless Markin. Sometimes i don't understand Death , why take good man Agyarko and leave Criminal Afenyo Markin. Bring back Agyarko and take useless Afenyo Markin. I invoke Curses on you Afenyo Markin , i curse your days on earth. You will die by your time. Your cup is full. Death is waving at you Afenyo Oguan Eta hen Markin. You have turned your Five Bedroom house into a torture chamber which you put up with Drug Money for your victims and rituals.

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