NDC lies against Akufo-Addo backfires

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Comment: Re: Shame on Daily Lying misGuide

2018-12-06 13:01:52
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Shame on Daily Lying misGuide

See how you can't even come out with better argument? Lol.. A misfire is not the same as an intentional lie. Till that idiotic boy comes our to say it was an error every reasonable Ghanaian will now know him as an incompetent loudmouth. Everyone talks but when you hold party position of communication.. "Whatever". You better talk constructively. If you're ndc come and defend this fool. The wise knows when to accept their mistakes and errors only fools refuse to accept and keep "misfiring". politics of idiots.

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Ghanaba on Dec 6, 13:01
Re: Shame on Daily Lying misGuide