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Earthquakes: 'Let's live our lives and trust God to protect us' – Frimpong Boateng

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Abraham Agbodo
2018-12-11 16:11:02
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What a STUPID "God talk" from a so-called INTELLIGENT person! Black Africans are LOW-INTELLIGENCE, STUPID people, like this minister.

This STUPID minister CANNOT bring God into this. It is completely UNNECESSARY to bring God into this. No minister in any of the ADVANCED countries would bring God into his/her talk when dealing with a situation such as this.

The reason for my assertion is very simple, but not obviously simple to this STUPID minister. If God is PROTECTIVE of people, why would he/she - nobody has seen him/her before - allow earthquakes to HAPPEN in the first place? Second, does it mean God decided not to PROTECT people in areas where earthquakes had happened and had caused a lot of devastation and death?

Black Africans are "low intelligence" people compared with "high intelligence" people such as white people, the Japanese, the Chinese, the South Koreans or the Koreans, the Singaporeans, the Malaysians ... even the Indians, but it is still irritating to hear a minister who is supposed to have some common sense talk so LOOSELY about God.

Excessive God worship and LACK of "high intelligence" are what is holding black Africans back. However, I realise it will take black Africans a million more years to RECOGNISE this!

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Abraham Agbodo on Dec 11, 2018 16:11