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Let’s make history with my re-election in 2020 – Mahama

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Comment: Right to dream

2018-12-12 09:39:32
Comment to:
corrupt ex-prez

Mr Mahama has every right to his dreams. But, I am afraid he is making his calculations without the majority of Ghanaians.
His problem is, his vision is too narrow, when he meets NDC members who through him have become rich overnight, and they start praising and encouraging him, because they need him as President so as to keep their ill gotten wealth, he thinks they are the only Ghanaians, so all Ghanaians love him.
Well, what can Mr Mahama do for Ghana again that he couldn’t do in the last twenty years, when he has been at forefront of the Ghanaian political scene.
For making history as his motive to contest again, is just a mirage,because he made history as the President who led the most corrupt regime in Ghana’s history.

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