Stop the use of weedicides - COCOBOD to farmers

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Comment: Stupid politicians

2018-12-20 18:13:37
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Stop the use of weedicides - COCOBOD to farmers

You are a big fool in suite taking monthly salary for nothing . Instead of doing research and coming out with a weedicide that will not affect the cocoa tree, you are here just saying farmers should stop using weedicide. How many acres of cocoa do you have yourself and how do you get labourers to use cutlass to clear the bush?

Such a big headed man like this man doesn't deserve to be cocobod head because he knows nothing except peddling lies for the NPP.
When you were in opposition you told us that what the NDC is giving us for a bag of cocoa is too small despite challenges and you promised to raise te price to a minimum of Ghc500 when NPP come. All these were lies you Boahen Adu was telling us.
When you came you couldn't add even Ghc1 to it.

Fool. Think before you talk.

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Osei on Dec 20, 2018 18:13