Stop the use of weedicides - COCOBOD to farmers

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Comment: Good bless the CEO

Appiah padmore
2018-12-21 16:32:21
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Stupid politicians

Osei, please don't take merit of this issue to tarnish the image of this noble man. Please stay away from this act, it won't take you to anywhere.

Look! Hon. Aidoo as CEO of Cocobod has done cocoa research for good 17 years. He has a cocoa farm(Wassa Afransie)

When and where did he tell you to pay cocoa farmers 500 cedis per bag, indeed such statement was said but not this man.

If someone sells USD2950 and buy it at 475 cedis, and other person also sells it at USD 2200 and also buy at 475 cedis. Which person is good to you. Compare and contrast.

Hon. Aidoo as CEO of COCOBOD had implemented so many policies at Cocobod.

1.cocoa mass pruning
2. Hand pollination programme
3. Irration method
4. Early mass spraying

Please, if you don't know Hon. Aidoo please keep mute, he is fine gentleman.

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Appiah padmore on Dec 21, 2018 16:32
Good bless the CEO