Ahmed death: Up your game or danger looms – Ofosu Ampofo to Government

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Comment: Idiot indeed

2019-01-19 16:04:14
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Re: Ahmed death: Up your game or danger looms – Of

Am always baffled by the way this man speaks. I sometimes wonder if he really makes any assessments on things before coming out. It's a pitty for someone to lose his life in such a way, that doesn't give anyone the right to make such irresponsible and asinine comments. Is this the first time someone has been murdered in Ghana? How many women alone werr murdered in the reign of NDC under Rawlings, and who made such stupid statement like Ofosu Ampofo is making today? Were people not murdered in NDC under Mills/Mahama? Trying to gain political scores with murder of people is like toiling with the hearts of thise whose relative is murdered. I expect Ampofo to grow up and stoo being so ludicrous

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Kofi on Jan 19, 2019 16:04