Ahmed death: Up your game or danger looms – Ofosu Ampofo to Government

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Comment: NDC and voodoo politics

Safohene Nana Obuogyang
2019-01-19 17:22:43
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Ahmed death: Up your game or danger looms – Ofos

The sick-mind NDC leadership and their dumb foolhardy followers are irritating the ears of sensible Ghanaians with their daily singing of cacophonous political choruses. These corruption-oriented criminal fools are always issuing threats against Akuffo Addo and the government on any flimsy national occurrence. Okwaseanpanin Ofosu Ampofo, you'll continually whine and shout aimlessly till your corruption-potruded cheeks and abdomen burst out in frustration. Stop being mischievous and diabolic by blowing unfortunate events out of proportion just for the evil purpose of seeking political sympathy for your barbaric and primitive NDC. You cannot deceive sane Ghanaians with these well-orchestrated vile propaganda because under Mahama's despicable reign, we witnessed worst forms of contract killings, ethnic conflicts and civil unrest in high magnitude never unprecedented in the history of the 4th republic. Get it into your stone head that come 2020, right-thinking voters will once again send the wicked NDC into another humiliating and crushing defeat.

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Safohene Nana Obuogyang on Jan 19, 2019 17:22