Ahmed death: Up your game or danger looms – Ofosu Ampofo to Government

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Comment: Politicians have brought Enemity

2019-01-19 20:01:33
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Ahmed death: Up your game or danger looms – Ofos

The rise of Killings,Enemities,Insults,Vigillantism,stealing and loothings are partly the fault of our current Politicians.Our Politicians consider themselves superior and above the Laws.Everyday as if they have nothing to do,they run from one Radio Stationto the other telling Lies,Insulting and inciting violence.Once the brother of Collins Dauda told Ghanaians that "They have been killing daily"but nothing happened.Two NPP Politicians were killed(Afoko+Asiedu were suspected)but nothing has come out.Police officers,civilians,Chinese kill Ghanaians but nothing comes out of the Investigations..nobody is jailed.Even our former President died and the cause is not known because of the Political Blame Games.
So mr.Ofosu Ampofo please advice and warn all the politicians especially the Chairmen,Gen.Secretaries,Communicators mostly of the NDC+NPP to stop your death threats.MONTIE3 case saw the then president with the signatures of the then NDC releasing them.

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Salifu on Jan 19, 2019 20:01
Politicians have brought Enemity