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Kennedy Agyapong will be prosecuted under NDC- Sammy Gyamfi

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Comment: Sammy Gyamfi sounds too sophomoric

New Sherrif in Town
2019-01-22 00:56:16
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Kennedy Agyapong will be prosecuted under NDC- Sam

Was Sammy Gyamfi too young to have taken note that the NDC under Atta Mills pushed for the prosecution of Kennedy Agyapong on similar statements he made when they were in power? What came out of it? Kennedy was acquitted and discharged simply because the Law does not support the NDC's opinion on "free speech" and "incitement". If someone says if you step on his property you must be beaten; if you do not step on the property you don't get beaten. That does not also mean someone else you provoke outside that property cannot beat you up. The NDC accusation of Kenedy can at best be considered as a "conditional statement" or an "if-then statement". A Conditional Statement is False if hypothesis is true but the conclusion is false. The hypothesis here is Kennedy Agyapong saying "beat him if he meet him anywhere on my premises". The mischievous conclusion by the NDC that what Kennedy said led to Ahmed's unfortunate demise is legally sophomoric and can only be peddled by feckless political and legal neophytes.

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New Sherrif in Town on Jan 22, 2019 00:56
Sammy Gyamfi sounds too sophomoric