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Kevin-Prince Boateng disappears after debut for Barcelona

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Comment: Leave Kevin Boateng alone!!

kwame M.
2019-02-13 12:39:06
Comment to:
Kevin-Prince Boateng disappears after debut for Ba

Ghanasoccernet has been writing a bunch of rubbish stuff concerning Kevin Boateng!! what is wrong with these'witches' at all? if Barcelona chooses not to use him so what? Kevin Boateng doesn't need to prove anything to anyone as a great football player, he is equally good as any of those big names there.Messi and Messi and Messi and so what? Messi must win world cup for his country! leave Kevin Boateng alone!! Ghanaians are dangerous witches and wizards and some of us will never stop saying this.we are our own destroyers!! what has Kevin Boateng done to some of these idiots who keep writing stupid and useless stuff about him? come on now! enough is enough!! leave this guy alone! Messi and any other so called big names are worthless and useless to Ghana because they don't play for us !. what is wrong with us? Ghanaians by nature are witches and wizards!! it's just a fact!!

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kwame M. on Feb 13, 2019 12:39
Leave Kevin Boateng alone!!