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Asamoah Gyan loses 'big' again in Sarah Kwablah rape case

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2019-03-21 01:20:28
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Asamoah Gyan loses 'big' again in Sarah Kwablah ra

We all one way or the other has fallen short of our expectations.Be it in marriage,business family or you name it of which Asamoah’s issue is no exception.But when pride and ego sets in the battle becomes harder.Let me play the devils advocate here.Asamoh once upon a time was the golden boy of our soccer fraternity.His coughing even has a price tag . His praises are sang everywhere what more the elite and all the way to the presidency were seeking his audience.But now that he is trouble we all yes including you the reader is trying to castigate him to the fullest.Let me pause here and turn the light on Asamoah.
With all my hearts I deeply appreciate your contribution to our nation Ghana to the hearts of the simple you shall be forever adored.Having said that,that does not make your to be above the law especially when women are involved and knowing that you are fully at fault.You did humbly say that when the one night stand occurred I mean afternoon stand occurred between you and Sarah,you had to confess to your WIFE and and to some of us that was the first time we heard u have a wife.So if the same person is coming out to annul the marriage,my brother who are you fooling here?In the case of Sarah of course it could be a set up.The best thing you could have done is to settle it amicably with a court order gagging her forever.Now in the case of your wife hmmm my brother you are at the pinnacle of life and if you don’t take care your fall shall be like mighty wave crushing everything in her path.
Your wife is a human like we all.Yes!she is deeply hurt and no matter the compensation accord her cannot equate the father of her children being in their life.As for the woman I hear u are now dating which is turning your number 3 head like a long plate,please be careful for her ex coming out of the monkey house is not scared going back there for life.
I would honestly and humbly appeal to you and take a step back and analyze this who drama and the aftermath.Find a neutral mediator and a counselor for you and your wife and work out things.But if you think you have what it takes fight this loosing battle then go ahead.Wait a minute by the way the lady in question that you are dating,could you have even worth her driver if it is not because of your football status? Brother one day one day everything you have cannot save you and it may take the whisper of a true love who knew you from day to say BABY I GAT YOUR BACK.To the General public please let’s all pray and write words of encouragement for this poor soul for it could have been you right?Also I would entreat our Spiritual Godly fathers in the likes of Dawg Hayward Mills Duncan Williams Dr Tetteh and the likes to call him and pray with him .Amen

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Citizen on Mar 21, 2019 01:20