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Isaac Adongo sues govt, NTHC over GHC2bn GAT support

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Comment: You're licking your chops NDC

Abeeku Mensah
2019-03-29 23:13:06
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Isaac Adongo sues govt, NTHC over GHC2bn GAT suppo

NDC had the opportunity to make Ghana a better place for all of its citizens and visitors to our shores. Unfortunately because of shortsightedness, arrogance and unprincipled kleptomaniacs appointed by president Mahama for district, regional and national offices, taxpayers ended up struggling daily while Mahama's appointees and NDC MP's lived lives of luxury without apologies to anyone. What the NDC kleptomaniacs did not figure out was that a power shift was on its way that would make NDC administration mismanagement and stealing look like choir boys at a conference.
Today Ghana's NPP party has raised the roof on opulence, abuse of the laws of Ghana, mismanagement, discriminatory practices and a desire to collapse every important business owned by NDC card carrying members so the NDC as a party could not easily fund their battles against the rich and powerful NPP. I chuckle when I hear and read the desperation and exasperation in NDC postings. But the NDC must take heart knowing that the NPP, incapable of learning from mistakes of others, are marching on the same road to defeat. My only wish is that Ghana's voters do gain wisdom to know it's about time we left the NPP and NDC alone and looked to smaller political parties to run Ghana for some 16 years while we put the NDC and NPP to pasture to think hard about what it will take to gain the trust of the people. Smaller political parties could do no worse than the NPP and the NDC

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Abeeku Mensah on Mar 29, 2019 23:13
You're licking your chops NDC