Manasseh Assassination Claim: XYZ's Mugabe said he was possessed by the spirit – CID

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Comment: Jail this fool for a long time...

Slim Bill
2019-04-02 19:44:18
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Re: Manasseh Assassination Claim: XYZ's Mugabe sai

No wonder majority of Ghanaians? believe you dead goat disciples don't read anything at all.... Otherwise you wouldn't compare what these Burkinabe guy, salifu maase said to that of owusu bempa...Just listen to the tapes and see there's a vast difference between them. Owusu bempa said,he saw in the spirit that, someone was trying to kill the president so he should be careful...An was quickly invited by the CID to come and explain. In mugabe's case, he was emphatic with his pronoucements to the extent that,he gave a time frame in which Manasseh was going to be murdered....He said emphatically, Mannase azure was going to die in 9 months time...I mugabe will bet my life on this info...So let anybody come and challenge me....I have got the info right before me,i swear with my life something terrifying is going to happen and many people would have to flee Ghana,said mugabe.just listen to the tone of voice while making those pronouncements..It's like he was possessed by some unknown spirit. And guys want to compare the two? C'mon. I pray these fool is taking to prison for a long long time,this time around,before he plunges our nation into serious trouble. He's a from Burkina? so he can always run away with his family when trouble arises. Good job, madam tiwaa.

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Slim Bill on Apr 2, 19:44
Jail this fool for a long time...