Leaked Tape: Malicious prosecution to gag NDC – Asiedu Nketia

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Comment: Let the laws work

OseiYaw Bimpong
2019-04-18 07:58:42
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Leaked Tape: Malicious prosecution to gag NDC –

Asiedu Nketia think and reason like a rational human being. Who do you think you are. Ghana does not belong to you and your NDC. Are you so illogical to understand what your chairman Ofosu Ampofo said on the tape. Even a primary four pupil will under stand those diabolic and heinous plans. Planning and orchestrating to kidnap and assassinate innocent Ghanaians as well as making Ghana ungovernable amongst other treacherous and wicked agenda. And you blame Akuffo Addo and his government? And is Akuffo Addo the law? Why then do you cry foul when the laws are been applied as they should be. Be informed Ghana isn't a banana republic that people like you be allowed to misbehave and go scotfree. Moreover, Ghana is not in the likes of the happening in George Orwell's Animal Farm novella where some in societies are more important than other. Mr have sense and behave like a mature person

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OseiYaw Bimpong on Apr 18, 2019 07:58