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I was jailed but walked free due to Aisha Huang’s power – Field Engineer

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Comment: Wake-up ignorance Ghanaians

2019-04-26 14:57:25
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I was jailed but walked free due to Aisha Huang’

Let's be realistic a Ghanaian has no power kn his own country. But a foreigners will come out of no where and use Ghanaians in a ridiculous way why. Ignorance of the leadership negative mindset always sees Ghanaian defenceless on their own country. But Ghanaians abroad are like kelewele that's how they have been treated. So they everyone is a king in his own land but Ghanaians are pussy in their own land. Outsider will come and abusive them just because of their wasted skin color. Because we underestimate our own value and color. May we live to see.

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His Excellency The Ugly Dwarf on Apr 26, 2019 08:30
Inkoom on Apr 26, 2019 14:57
Wake-up ignorance Ghanaians