NPP's C.K Tedam dead

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Comment: Asante/Akyem stooge. RIP.

2019-04-26 10:23:49
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NPP's C.K Tedam dead

He will fondly be remembered for having been used to illegally removed Mr. Paul Afokoom office, by these Asante/Akyem vultures, just like the mutum banza Bawuliar is being used now against northerners. Kufour did same by using the late Aliu Mahama to always attack former president Rawlings. After doing all the dirty jobs for him, he chose
an incompetent thief, Allan Kyeremanteng over him. They latter killed him. This man has done more harm to northerners than good. Anyway, may he rest in peace.

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Charles on Apr 26, 2019 10:23