Rockson Bukari is a victim of betrayal, not bribery – Upper East residents hit back

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Isaac Donkor, ( Warrant) New York
2019-05-01 17:44:53
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Rockson Bukari is a victim of betrayal, not briber

I don't know Rockson Bukari, but the first time I saw him on the internet when he was appointed as the Upper East Regional minister I liked him. He showed poise, humility and a hard working demeanor that endeared me to him. He looked honest with his short beard and self effacing manner. I was therefore surprised and disappointed when he lost that post and was reshuffled to the Presidency as a minister. This latest saga has reaffirmed why I liked him from the beginning. It shows that he is not corrupt. Bribery and corruption has been with mankind since the beginning.It is everywhere in the world, even in the most advanced countries. Those who take part know how to go about it. Only an inexperienced or naive person would offer a bribe on the phone, where the other person could record and blackmail you or leak to the press. There are certain rules to bribery. First, do not offer the bribe yourself, let a friend or acquaintance do that, especially if you hold a big post in government. If it fails you can deny it and what in America they call Plausible Deniability, tell the papers that you were not involved. Second, make sure that there is no recording in your office and the person is not having his phone on. My friend Bukari forgot the first law of nature, Always protect yourself especially in this era of technology. People are selfish and jealous of your position and would do everything to bring you down and pretend to be do-gooders. I hope after a certain time Rockson Bukari would be rehabilitated and given another big post in the NPP government. He is too good a man to be thrown away. After all "to err is human, to forgive divine" The NPP needs men and women who have stood by the party through thick and thin. Rockson Bukari deserves a second chance.

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Isaac Donkor, ( Warrant) New York on May 1, 17:44
Re: Rockson Bukari is a victim of betrayal, not br