Arrest Ofosu Ampofo now! - Effah Darteh charges police

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Comment: He Must Be Summonsed To The Court.

G. K. Berko
2019-05-13 16:32:26
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Arrest Ofosu Ampofo now! - Effah Darteh charges po

In a case like this, a Court Order ought to be sent to him to appear before a Judge. And, in defiance of it, he can then be arrested for failing to go answer the charges against him. If he has refused to cooperate with Police investigations, the next level should be Court summons.

If all things were equal, the immediate Police arrest, as folks are demanding, would be in order for an established criminal who has done so much harm.

However, in this case, the charges are entangled in a Political confrontation that had already begun. And, if no direct evidence exist to link Mr. Ampofo to these crimes, it would be easily taken for an extension of the ongoing Political conflict involving him.

By the way, who says some NPP enemies of Mr. Ampofo's could not orchestrate those crimes to match what he had already been charged with as having suggested in a recorded message, so as to entrench his culpability?

We should not forget that when Akufo-Addo was only the Opposition leader, he said similar things as Mr. Ampofo did, or even worse, and suffered no legal consequences for that. It is interesting that when someone else committed similar crime while Akufo-Addo is at the Presidency, suddenly the rules have changed to harshly deal with that person.

Where was Effah Darteh when the "All die be die" nonsense and the violent atrocities, ostensibly, instigated by the Akyem Mafia were unleashed upon Kwabena Agyepong, Afoko and others?

If the Government were any sincere about ensuring that Rule of Law reigns in Ghana, it would have arrested and prosecuted all the members of the NPP Vigilantes who even broke into a Police Station to free some suspects under investigation.

So, as guilty as Mr. Ampofo may be, he has not been treated fairly according to our Laws. The Laws are not being applied evenly.

Long Live Ghana!!!

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G. K. Berko on May 13, 2019 16:32
He Must Be Summonsed To The Court.