Rawlings must be hanged; he’s a walking illegality – Osahene Boakye Gyan

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Comment: Rawlings must be hanged.

Kwasi kyei Baffour,Atlanta,USA.
2019-11-04 02:19:54
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Rawlings must be hanged; he’s a walking illegali

Boakye Gyan are you the one saying this?Who is the one who organized the soldiers to free Rawlings from the guardroom.Genral Akuffo and his men would have taught him a real lesson,you are just like Rawlins HYPOCRATES who preach virtue and practice vice.I think he shared the money he received from Abacha with you.Your people call you osahene,have you been to a warfront before?

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Kwasi kyei Baffour,Atlanta,USA. on Nov 4, 02:19
Rawlings must be hanged.