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Asamoah Gyan feels betrayed by Ghana coach Kwesi Appiah

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Comment: Ghanaweb and tribalism

2019-05-20 22:35:52
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Asamoah Gyan feels betrayed by Ghana coach Kwesi A

On a slightly unrelated topic though, is it me or does everyone also feel ???????? is not doing anything to sensitize and screen out tribalistic remarks before they hit this platform? Whether its in sports, business, entertainment, you always find one or two people especially one kwasi adade spewing tribalistic remarks and ghanaweb just sits back and looks on. Arent news and media outlets supposed to be held accountable for enabling divisive rhetoric ??? Cos i really feel there is a law somewhere that can severely punish Ghanaweb for turning a blind eye everyday.

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Prince on May 20, 2019 22:35
Ghanaweb and tribalism