H K. Prempeh, Kwaku Azar challenge Ayariga over Martin Amidu’s invitation refusal

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Comment: Ayariga is a goner.

Che Guevara
2019-06-03 10:53:16
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H K. Prempeh, Kwaku Azar challenge Ayariga over Ma

NDC dispirited foot soldiers , you “ ain’t” seen nothing yet? Your corrupt leaders are going down ! We the citizens have convinced ourselves that most of your leaders are criminals and deserve the rope of the law. No one must be allowed to create loot and share our resources just because one is in Parliament or in the Executive branch ? Soon we will agitate to remove all privileges accorded all these gangsters who seek power to enslave us and plunder our resources for personal gain? And if you are confused about the SP charges for Ayariga, note the evil gangster murderer, Al Capone went to jail not on the murders he committed but on Tax evasion . Some of our political corrupts and their civil servants cronies are going to jail on money laundering and not for stealing from our national treasury? Time for the gallows in the public square for the evil criminals !!

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Che Guevara on Jun 3, 10:53
Ayariga is a goner.