H K. Prempeh, Kwaku Azar challenge Ayariga over Martin Amidu’s invitation refusal

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Comment: Ayariga missed the point

2019-06-03 11:26:26
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H K. Prempeh, Kwaku Azar challenge Ayariga over Ma

In the first place, Ayariga's epistle to Amidu's office isn't necessary. Amidu only copied him the letter from his office to the Speaker of Parliament, so it's the Speaker whose action on the letter, he Ayariga should respond to. Secondly, it's not true that Parliamentary immunity means a sitting MP cannot be asked to stand trial when the House is sitting. Ayariga is carelessly wrong even to make this statement in his letter. The courts can remove him from Parliament if he has committed a crime. So he should stop wasting his time with such lengthy and baseless arguments.

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Asuo on Jun 3, 11:26
Ayariga missed the point