A-G’s witness confesses to his US$268 million fertilizer deal in 2011

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Stephen Donkor, New York.
2019-06-09 21:33:02
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Hmmmm Lawyers

I didn’t want to talk today. but your intelligent contribution has pushed me to join the fray. You’re right on point, the defense attorneys are using what we call “coercion to cow the witnesses into submissions. Their purpose is to blow the witnesses testimonies apart, by declaring them as non credible as possible. But the main aspects of the case is still hanging on their necks like an albatross. 1. Were the fertilizers produced in Ghana or imported from the Germany as stated by the first test that were carried before the fertilizers were certified to be used by the Ghanaian farmers? Did Agongo seek the legal documentations to produce these fertilizers in Ghana? So now definitely, it all boil down to the experts, who have technical knowledge of the chemical components of the fertilizers. So by making the experts look as non credible as possible to convince the judge that any tests carried by the witnesses as experts shouldn’t determine basis of the outcome of the trial, that explains this lengthy cross examination by the defense attorneys. I actually expect Opuni’s team to also call their experts or scientists to prove the authenticity of Agongo’s locally produce fertilizers, and the aim is to probably convince the judge to give a lesser sentence to the accused. In any of these instances, I don’t see the possibility of the accused walking away as non convicted squeaky clean persons. Because other tests have been conducted by the FDB and the University of Ghana biochemistry labs, and from the outcome of these tests, the defense attorneys would have a hard nut to crack. Anyway, the big guy in the seat would determine what happens at end.

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