Branding Nigerians 'kidnappers unfair' – Dumelo

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2019-06-17 10:42:34
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Re: Branding Nigerians 'kidnappers unfair' – Dumel

This Dumelo man is out of his senses. Before the kidnapping of the three Taadi girls, there was no such thing like kidnapping in Ghana. Ever since the story broke out of the kidnapping of the Taadi girls, other incidents of kidnappings hve Nigerians linked to them. In the case of the Canadian women, one Nigerian gave money to Mr Mba to buy pistols and bullets and then went back to Nigeria to bring two more with him and then together with this foolish Ghana Mba, they went ahead to perpetuate the crime of kidnapping. The Consular of Estonia was kidnapped by Nigerians and owner of the Residence in which they were testified that they are Nigerians. So what more proof do you want?

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