Branding Nigerians 'kidnappers unfair' – Dumelo

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Comment: Re: Branding Nigerians 'kidnappers unfair' – Dumel

2019-06-17 10:43:35
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Branding Nigerians 'kidnappers unfair' – Dumelo

Maybe he is trying to revive his flagging career in Nollywood so perhaps saying this may endear a Glo sponsorship as his kids need feeding and a V8 from Daddy Mahama depreciates over time. Food to feed his family has to be found from somewhere. Such a shame he is prepared to sell Ghanaians for nothing to appease Nigerians who are responsible for this major crime wave recently. So sad he has no regard for the victims of Nigerians evil crimes. If I was Baby Owusu family I would be devastated to hear a so called fellow Ghanaian or have I made a mistake and say W. Togolese has made such treacherous comments. I pray no such evil deeds happen to his kids for him to understand the implications of such a statement. Why do Ewe's hate Ghanaians so much?......... Don't understand it.

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Re: Branding Nigerians 'kidnappers unfair' – Dumel