Branding Nigerians 'kidnappers unfair' – Dumelo

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Comment: Re: Branding Nigerians 'kidnappers unfair' – Dumel

2019-06-17 10:46:05
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Branding Nigerians 'kidnappers unfair' – Dumelo

Oh yes, branding Nigerians kidnappers will be unfair to you (Dumelo). No wonder why someone like you is saying this. We are in this country when your party chairman Ofosu Ampofo made a tape that your people will start kidnapping youngsters, set fires in the markets, make things harder for the new EC and insults men of God in the country. Dumelo because you always go to Nigeria to work does not mean if Nigerian are doing worse things in our country, we have no right to condemn it. Dumelo you always support Blindly why?Think like a normal human being and stop the nonsense. If you have any advice give it to your party chairman Ofosu Ampofo and his supporters.Every one in Ghana knows that all what Ofosu Ampofo and his executives went to planned are happening in the country now. So who should be blamed? Most of the Ndc members are all foolish.

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Re: Branding Nigerians 'kidnappers unfair' – Dumel