Return home if you have no business in Ghana – Nigerian union to colleagues

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A Concerned Ghanaian. Diaspora.
2019-06-21 05:57:48
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Return home if you have no business in Ghana – N

I think this statements is in the right directions but I doubt if they eould take it seriously. This is the only way forward. A timely and wise counselling. What on earth would one be doing in a foreign country if he or she has no business interest there? I cannot image it. I don't think Nigerians who are genuinely living in Ghana and indeed, other parts of the world and are into a genuine business would have time for some of these criminal activities. They would rather sit down and think of their business. The call should not only be limited to Ghana alone, but to every part of the world, especially in Europe, where they always swear, brag, and beat their chests that they are a rich country and that they are not prepare to work for a white man. Interestingly, they are in front of every supermarkets begging for cents. Isn't it absurd? So, whiles Ghanaians and other African sister countries are genuinely working to make a decent living, Nigerians are with disposal cups going round begging. Honestly, majority of them are a big disgrace to the Black Race. A quarter of them are in possession with passports from other Africa countries whose presidents' names they cannot tell. No country is prepare to accept a Nigeria near his borders. Even among themselves, there is no single trust and yet the so called High Commissioner wants Ghanaians to believe they are together. It's a big lie. There was this Nigeria friend, a Yoruba who told me never to trust their people and that if care is not taken, they would take over Ghana and destroy it. His words have come to pass. Why are they the only people single out all the time.? Why is Nigerians synonymous with crime? Why? That is not to say there are no criminals in Ghana. No. Far from that, but we know the type of crimes Ghanaians are capable of committing. Kidnapping is not one of them. Never. It is about time the government sit up and deal with this issue squarely. We know of many countries who don't even want a Nigerian to enrol in their institutions. Have they as a nation sat down and find out why? Very sad. Our border controllers must be up and doing. They are bent to destroy Ghana so we can be on same level with them as that so called professor has proposed. We must not accept that.

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A Concerned Ghanaian. Diaspora. on Jun 21, 2019 05:57
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