Return home if you have no business in Ghana – Nigerian union to colleagues

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Comment: Junky

Kim Jung un( The rocket Man)
2019-06-21 06:37:47
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Our great grandparents were there to work and make ends meet but not to behave like they were in animals kingdom where only the strongest shall survive. Your wicked leaders were trying to fuck their anus and Papa J quickly brought them back home. Ghanaians are responsible everywhere they go humble in nature. You guys fuck yourselves up and you junkies want to fuck us up in our country? We will shoot you one by one just keep opening your mouth. We are just waiting to see what our Good leaders will do but if they do nothing but only talk, action will begin. If I am a police man and you kidnapped my sister and you think am gonna protect you, there we shall see.

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Kim Jung un( The rocket Man) on Jun 21, 2019 06:37