Return home if you have no business in Ghana – Nigerian union to colleagues

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Comment: Ghana not xenophobic but evil phobic

2019-06-21 07:05:46
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Return home if you have no business in Ghana – N

They must all go home who do not have legitimate business and the permit to engage in such businesses. They are all over the place, mostly teenagers and young adults lure here by adults and being exploited for business purposes. They are the sellers in the streets and peddle anything from bread to kola nuts. They are the spare parts shop keepers, barbers and okada operators. Some of the ladies are housing in various kiosks and containers who in the night slip onto the streets to engage in prostitution and other nefarious activities. In fact Ghana is under siege and invasion. This is not the essence of ECOWAS. The traffic is becoming one way. ECOWAS and free trade is not a lincense of any Tom, Dick and Harry of a Nigerian to flock to Ghana to peddle and ply any trade. Ghana must learn from Britain's BREXIT from the EU. It must be GHEXIT for Ghana from ECOWAS now.

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Kojotse on Jun 21, 2019 07:05
Ghana not xenophobic but evil phobic