Return home if you have no business in Ghana – Nigerian union to colleagues

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Comment: Good n bad we are all d same

2019-06-21 12:08:42
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Return home if you have no business in Ghana – N

As for our politicians, they are the once destroying this Nation. Playing evil political games and using the name of Nigeria or putting Nigerians forward in such act is unfair... Now it has gone to the top ears in Nigeria, and with caution our politicians are now trying to mend their political games after the leak.. It is high time we Ghanians have to know the truth and speak the truth.. There are so many very good Nigerians in this country. The Nigerian businessmen and students coming in to Ghana are way more than the criminals here. Nigerians are really helping our economy in this crumbled Ghana economical crisis. Nigerian investments in Ghana is worth over 2billion dollars more than ours and any other foreign investors... Most of all the crimes committed here are political crimes. Now let's ask ourselves this questions about the Takoradi kidnapping; they said they have already captured the Nigerians behind d kidnapping for over how long now, but still where are d girls?? Is d government telling us anything positive after d kidnappers were caught since then?? Don't u guys think something is wrong somewhere??... Putting Nigerians forward in all these crimes and protecting the citizens of our fellow Ghanians involved in the same crime is unfair... We should stop this discriminating and hate due to the improper headings given to us by the medias and the lies being feed to us by our medias including this Ghanaweb. It is high we start thinking properly and learn from the minority of the good hardworking Nigerians... Peace!!!

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Good n bad we are all d same