Return home if you have no business in Ghana – Nigerian union to colleagues

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Comment: Don't joke with Ghana youth

Joel Lash
2019-06-22 00:32:37
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Return home if you have no business in Ghana – N

Mahama s delay to announce the last Election brought the country to the brink of war God protected Ghana

When we thought he had learn his lesson he started Ayawaso. But God delivered us from Maama and NDC

When we thought he has realised his stealing times will never happen again he planned kidnappings

Mahama and NDC heed God"s wish else any commotion that they bring they those evil planners will suffer first and severely.

God loves Ghana s youth . They re God minded than the adults and God is with them.

Mahama NDC Kidnappers touching the youth in Ghana will be touching the apple of God s eye and they will incur God 's anger

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Joel Lash on Jun 22, 2019 00:32
Don't joke with Ghana youth