2019 AFCON: Kwesi Appiah explains Ghana's tactics against Cameroon

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Comment: Appiah is clueless

Zagadi gbogidi
2019-06-30 19:40:41
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Appiah us clueless

Every coach has somebody who inspires him. Clarence said before the game against ghana in an interview with american internet stream DAZN that he got his inspiration from legengdary 11 time NBA champion coach phil jackson

Jackson trained chicago bulls from 1989 to 1998 and later trained los angeles lakers from 1999 till 2011.
Seedorf said as a coach u have to sometimes adjust to situation n be pragmatic about thw player body.
When phil jackson took over chicago bulls i quite remember scottie pippen and Jordan were known for their arrogance, selfishness and they had both big Egos.
Bur nevertheless Phil jackson was able to form them to a team despite jordan n pippen not being on terms n he won the NBA Championship with them. Dont forget bad boy Dennis Rodman aka D Rod.
Phil Jackson was able to do the same thing at los angeles lakers. Shaquile Oneal n Kobe Bryant were big Eogecentric guys. But coach jackaon did the same magix again by winning over 3 Championships with them.
Can that be said of Akwesi Appiah?Hell no becuz he is always fighting dem.Its a wicked devilish black mentality
A coach who by hearing fuck you ( excuse my language) thinks is indescipline.too local minded mentality.
A coach who cannot cope with the egos n arrogance of players.
Its a big mistake by giving this man de coaching job. He is totally clueless n bankrupct.
Why didnt kevin boateng insult milovan Rajevac at South Africa 2010? And why did Rajevac kept his cool with sulley muntari eventhough he was misbehaving?
Brcuz milo knew how to go about with their egos.
Being a manager of a team is not only about coaching but it has also got something to do with psychology.
Everybody has his character n u cant force ppl to be somethimg they are not.

As a coach u have to be able to find the right antidote to keep egocentric players at bare.
A king must unite his kingdom n make everybody feel welcome. A king that devide his kingdom will fail mercilessly.
Who is kwesi Appiahs role model to learn from?
A word to the wise is in boliga

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Zagadi gbogidi on Jun 30, 2019 19:40
Appiah is clueless