Mars backs Ivory Coast, Ghana cocoa floor price

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2019-07-07 23:10:07
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Mars backs Ivory Coast, Ghana cocoa floor price

The whole world should be ashamedThe whole world should be ashamed for enjoying cocoa products everywhere and making sure the hardworking cocoa farmers cannot buy even chocolate for their children or send them to school, the youths crossing the Mediterranean and the children you show everyday on your television with flies on their faces for donations are the children of the hardworking cocoa and coffee farmers, the world cocoa products market is over 100 billion and only about 6 billion goes to producer countries, Ghana and Ivory Coast produces about 60 % of the world cocoa so why should our hardworking farmers not be able to produce 3 meals a day for their children? Or finance their education? Pay them their fair share so they can live a decent life and stop that hypocrisy call donation

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