Ashantis are too tribalistic; they want Akufo-Addo to fail - Prophet Oduro reveals

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Comment: Chill out negro!!

Nana kwame Ackah Yanzu
2019-07-29 15:46:54
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Re: Ashantis are too tribalistic; they want Akufo-

Yorke or who ever your name is, who gives a F....K about what your last name......you hear me? And who gives a f....k who you are married too! Okay!
When it's obvious the truth be let out of the bucket let it be, and pause with your naive nonsense.
The prophet is making a sound declaration and I'm enjoying every little detail of it don't come interrupt my focus with your last name and to whom you are married to foolishness aight!!

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Tosaa on Jul 29, 2019 13:18
Nana kwame Ackah Yanzu on Jul 29, 2019 15:46
Chill out negro!!
Nandi on Jul 29, 2019 15:47
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