Ashantis are too tribalistic; they want Akufo-Addo to fail - Prophet Oduro reveals

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Comment: The Ashantis need to be praised

2019-07-29 17:07:27
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Ashantis are too tribalistic; they want Akufo-Addo

Why do you people jealous the Ashantis? Just because they are enterprising and industrious. Any man of God will not create a battlefield among brothers.What comes out of your mouth portrays whom you are in business with. The one who sow the seed of dissention. You always want to paint the Ashantis black but they have contributed meaningfully to the progress of Ghana. Mostly what you see in Ghana today is result of the toil and sweat of the Ashantis folks. You are proud of Ghana today but don't forget the Ashantis cocoa products and their gold fields. Ghana is Ghana because of their cocoa and rich minerals. You went to school because of cocoa so praise the Ashantis. They need to be proud of their achievements but they are not. Be quiet and don't be silly.

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Tosaa on Jul 29, 2019 13:18
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Sammy on Jul 29, 2019 17:07
The Ashantis need to be praised
asiedu nketia on Jul 29, 2019 21:10