Ashantis are too tribalistic; they want Akufo-Addo to fail - Prophet Oduro reveals

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Comment: This is complete falsehood

Nana Koduah
2019-07-29 23:04:29
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Ashantis are too tribalistic; they want Akufo-Addo

Alan Kyeremateng is an Ashanti and contested with an Akyem but we ignored him and voted for the Akyem man cos we believed he was more qualified.

Where from all these attacks on good Ashantis?

Ashantis gave Nana Addo 76% of their votes totaling 1.7 million votes ; something that they never gave to even their own Ashanti blood- Kuffuor.
Pls stop fueling this hatred cos Ashantis have seen worst than these kinds of persecution.

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Nana Koduah on Jul 29, 2019 23:04
This is complete falsehood