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Compensate us or we’ll boycott election 2020 – Displaced Mamobi residents cry

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Comment: Gods children.

2019-07-30 17:32:23
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Compensate us or we’ll boycott election 2020 –

The wretched of the earth and the attraction of urban life? Ghettos! Ideological purity is going to cause social upheaval? Government needs to be sensitive? . We need to build settlements like Bugambura( Liberia village) outside Accra to move these uneducated urban ghetto people there? Even if you are kind to give them a place on your undeveloped land, they demand compensation to move when you are ready to develop your land. Why ? because they claim they have no where else to go and besides they’ve been looking over the land for you? Life in the city na wa ooo? Hmmmm.

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Alessandro on Jul 30, 2019 17:32
Kwame Adjei-Mensah on Jul 30, 2019 21:05