Policewoman killed after shouting ‘Jesus, Jesus’; crime experts airlifted to Tamale to track killers

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Comment: An Ofcdoes not run away from fight.

2019-08-02 05:27:07
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Policewoman killed after shouting ‘Jesus, Jesus

A Police Officr does not run away from a fight. You deplore your gun and unload it the driver or individual does not comply with your instructions. Sad she lost her life. When a good guy has a gun, the bad guys flee for their lives. Officers take note. Foreigners have invaded Ghana and they have changed the crime terrain. Always keep your guns ready to go. You do not shot an off and more so a woman. Too bad and unacceptable.

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Afredt on Aug 2, 05:27
An Ofcdoes not run away from fight.