Policewoman killed after shouting ‘Jesus, Jesus’; crime experts airlifted to Tamale to track killers

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Comment: Soldier

2019-08-02 06:16:36
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Policewoman killed after shouting ‘Jesus, Jesus

The politicians are . And v played with this country so much . Including the pastors.
Get the military on board . To do serious road patrols and check points . All over the country.
We ar reaching a state of security level 8. Even in the USA when it get to some levels the deploy the coast Guard s.
But politicians always want to gain.
And ghana let get serious some time in mixing our faith with everything. Yu are under attack by evil ppl . And yu want jess to come and save yu . When in fact yu ar not clean yr selves . Yu are there taking bribes . Filling yr pocket.
Even the Israeli s are defending them selves against the arabs

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Soldier on Aug 2, 06:16