General News Fri, 2 Aug 2019

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Policewoman killed after shouting ‘Jesus, Jesus’; crime experts airlifted to Tamale to track killers

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Comment: Policewoman killed after shouting ‘Jesus

2019-08-03 18:15:13
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First and foremost, we are all Ghanaians, this northner/southner/akan/ewe stuff all tend to divide us. The police must find a way to cover these gruesome scenes and our jounalists should have respect and dignity and not to show such images.
On the issue of trading insults, I'm sure its not helpful.
Our country has serious problems and I'm hopping that out leaders would open their eyes and solve these problems before we become one of the many failed states in the world. Nepotism, insecurity, bad roads, lack of access to basic healthcare, poor classrooms for our children, just to name a few.

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Matt/Charlotte on Aug 3, 18:15
Policewoman killed after shouting ‘Jesus